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Soutenance de thèse

Ming LIU soutient sa thèse intitulée :

Analysis and Optimization of the Asian Mobile and Terrestrial Digital Television Systems

le mercredi 30 mars 2011 à 10h30 en Amphi Bonnin de l’INSA de Rennes

Résumé :

Digital television (DTV) broadcast can provide rich TV programs and diverse data services to viewers with better coverage, more flexible reception and less consumption of transmission power as well as bandwidth. The researches involved in this thesis are concentrated on the recently published Chinese Digital Terrestrial/Television Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB) standard which adopts the new Time Domain Synchronous-OFDM (TDS-OFDM) waveform in which the classical cyclic prefix (CP) is replaced by a known pseudo-random (PN) sequence to achieve higher spectral efficiency. Especially, we focus on the channel estimation problem which is the main challenge in TDS-OFDM.
In a first part, we analyze the DTMB system according to its specifications in terms of signal design, OFDM parameters, FEC block, etc. but also regarding its BER performance and power and spectral efficiency. A comparative study is lead with the DVB-T system, which is the most popular DTV broadcasting system in the world.

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