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Mohamed LAARAIEDH soutient sa thèse intitulée :

Contributions on Hybrid Localization Techniques For Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

le mercredi 15 décembre 2010 à 14 h 00 en salle des thèses de l’université de Rennes 1 (Bâtiment 1)

Résumé :

Recent advancement in wireless networks and systems has seen the rise of localization techniques as a worthwhile and cost-effective basis for novel services. These location based services (LBSs) have been more and more beneficial and money-making for telecommunications operators and companies. Various LBSs can be offered to the user such as tracking, advertisement, security, and management. Wireless networks themselves may benefit from localization information to enhance the performances of the different network layers. Location based routing, synchronization, interference cancellation are some examples of fields where location information can be fruitful. Two main tasks a localization system must be able to do : measurement of location-dependent parameters (LDPs) (e.g. time of arrival -TOA-, time difference of arrival -TDOA-, and received signal strength indicator -RSSI-) and estimation of position using location estimation techniques. The main goal of this dissertation is the study of different location estimation techniques. Estimation and measurement of LDPs are also investigated using a provided measurements campaign in order to have a complete understanding of localization field.

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