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FunMAT (Functional MATerials) Team

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Contact persons

Team leader : Xavier Castel (PR, UR1) - Benoît Guiffard (PR, UN)

Team assistants : Magali Boussard (UN) - Aline Vanryckeghem (UR1)

Team : List of members

Scientific production

Presentation of the team

The FunMAT team is one of the four teams belonging to the « Antennas & Microwave Devices» Department. It consists of both (Associate)-Professors and CNRS researcher, combining pluridisciplinary and complementary scientific skills in the field of Materials/Information and Communication Sciences (28th, 31th, 33th and 63th CNU sections and 14th CNRS section).

The ongoing activities cover wide aspects, from fundamental research on materials up to the characterization of their outstanding properties, and finally the electronic/microwave performance assessment of the related devices-demonstrators. More precisely, these actions are guided by the valorization and the control of the functional properties of the numerous materials developed within the FunMAT team. A particular emphasis is made on :

- the non-linear piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of oxide / oxynitrure bulk and thin film materials
- the synergic association of optical transparency and electrical conductivity of thin films
- the electrostriction in polymeric films
- the reactivity and chemical selectivity of organic materials
- The electromagnetic absorption and the control of electric/dielectric surfaces and interfaces of laminate, sandwich and/or foam composite materials.

The FunMAT’s research is focused on the material elaboration and the improvement of their functional characteristics. The current studies deal with the description and interpretation of the observed phenomena as well as the optimization of the functional properties, and if needed by developing specific characterization techniques.

Based on the electronic/microwave applications of the various studied material families, the research works are spread between 4 main topics :

- miniaturization and tunability
- active connected surfaces
- sensor antennas
- energy harvesting and storage

The Materials/Devices co-design is a key advantage for the development of the future communicating & connected systems. In addition to the scientific progress in the field of electronic devices and antenna-based systems, the FunMAT activities open wide perspectives in other application areas, such as energy, healthcare, transport and Defense.

The FunMAT research is carried out in close collaboration within the WAVES, CUTE and BEAMS teams at the ADH Department. The FunMAT team is located in 3 geographic sites of the IETR Lab: Saint-Brieuc, Rennes and Nantes. Moreover, it is based on a coherent set of facilities available over the 3 sites which are brought together under a technical platform, namely MATRIX (Materials for Microwaves). MATRIX platform is currently growing thanks to financial supports, namely the CPER 2015-2020 projects MATECOM and SOPHIE/STIC ONDES, and the MIGAC project (RFI WISE Pays de la Loire).

Low loss miniature and tunable microwave devices

3D composite antennas

Tunable CMS capacitor for frequency-agile antennas Phase shifter cell (270°) for tunable reflectarrays

International collaborations

- Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, "Institute of Physics", Prague, République Tchèque
- Drexel University, "Microwave-Photonics Device Laboratories", Philadelphia, PA, Etats-Unis
- Hungarian Academy of Sciences, "Institut of Chemistry", Budapest, Hongrie
- National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
- National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
- Taipei Ricci Institute, Taipei, Taiwan
- Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan
- Université Tunis El-Manar, "Laboratoire Matériaux, Organisation et Propriétés", Tunisie
- University of Tokyo, Department of "Chemical System Engineering", Japon
- Université de Boumerdes, Unité de Recherche "Matériaux, Procédés et Environnement", Algérie
- University of Warwick, "Department of Physics - Functional Materials Cluster", Royaume-Uni

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