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Analysis and Design of inductively-coupled RFID Antennas for Low-cost Smartcard Applications using Inkjet Technology

Doctorant : Hong Duc NGUYEN.

Directeur de thèse : Ronan SAULEAU.

Thèse débutée le : 16/06/2014.

The main objective of this thesis is to develop RFID antennas based on printed technology. The printed technology will be based on inkjet technology applied to several conductive inks with different curing conditions. Apart from the usual advantages of inkjet-based printed electronics (Drop on Demand technology) in terms of cost optimization and easy digital manipulation, different antenna configurations will be developed seeking novel low-cost fabrication processes. A particular effort will be carried out for the optimization of the developed antennas to comply with the required standards as well as production cost constraints. This motivates the current study on both research and industrialization levels.

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