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Frontal RF pour LTE-Advanced : Antennes à alimentation multiples, Switch RF et filtres à réponses fréquentielles reconfigurables

Doctorant : Sébastien CADUC.

Directeurs de thèse : M’hamed DRISSI, Jean-Marie FLOC’H.

Thèse débutée le : 30/09/2014.

The goal of this thesis is to implement a demonstrator of a multi-feed antenna, a switch and a tunable filter. This block must be a scalable design for different situation. First, the candidate will have to design a multi-feed antenna with an efficient matching circuit. Having several antennas in the same board will carrier aggregation for LTE easier. Because of MIMO, some study will have to be done about the interference between bands. These antennas will have to give a narrow frequency response in order to "help" improving the overall Q of the whole system. The matching network associated to each antenna will provide a tunable frequency response. One possible breakdown of the spectrum for 2 or 3 antennas could be one the following :

  • 1 antenna for 700-1000MHz, 1 antenna for 1700-2700MHz
  • 2 antennas for 700-1000MHz, 1 antenna for 1700-2700MHz
  • 1 antenna for 700-1000MHz, 1 antenna for 1700-2170MHz, 1 antenna for 250-2700MHz

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