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Management of Dynamic Reconfiguration in a Wireless Digital Communication Context

Doctorant : Mohammad Al Fadl RIHANI.

Directeurs de thèse : Fabienne NOUVEL, Jean-Christophe PREVOTET.

Thèse débutée le : 15/03/2015.

Today, embedded systems are everywhere (wireless systems, control, automotive, etc.). In these multiple domains, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) circuits are more and more used since they represent an efficient alternative to classical devices such as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). These configurable circuits allow the user to dynamically reconfigure a part of the circuit while other parts of the device are still running. This leads to a significant interest, since it notably decreases the number of resources to be implemented in a circuit and considerably reduces the chip cost. It thus allows plethora of system configurations to be implemented into a single chip.

In wireless communication systems, such circuits may be used to implement several architectures capable of processing various communication standards according to several configurations. It is then possible to switch from one standard to another depending on the environment and on the execution context.

In this thesis, we would like to study the context switch between different standards such as the 802.11, LTE (MAC and PHY layers) standards according to specific criteria (QoS, power consumption, throughput, etc. ).

In order to fulfill this task, the SCN research team, at IETR lab, already developed a small microkernel that completely manages the dynamic reconfiguration of FPGA circuits. Currently, we would like to provide our kernel with a small “intelligence” capable of deciding which standard has to be implemented at a given time by analyzing different metrics available on-line (such as the RSSI, SNR, etc).

The thesis study will contribute to imagine and elaborate efficient decisions making algorithms in order to switch from one standard to next in a very efficient manner. This new service will constitute an independent service of the microkernel that is developed at IETR.

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