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NEWCOM Spring School

L’IETR organise la "NEWCOM Spring School" du 21 au 23 mai 2014 à SUPELEC, Campus de Rennes sur la thématique "Flexible Multicarrier Waveforms for Future Communications Wireless Networks."

It is our great pleasure to invite you for participating in the upcoming European Project NEWCOM#

Summer School on : "Flexible Multi-carrier Waveforms for Future Communications Wireless Networks

that will be held in SUPELEC, Rennes- France, 21st – 23rd May 2014

The goal of that event is to discuss and investigate recent achievements in the very important and vivid research area devoted for future multicarrier systems. Currently, OFDM plays a role of the leader in practical realizations of multicarrier signalling, however it suffers from various limitations, raised by the researchers and manufacturers for many years. Filter Bank Multicarrier based solutions tend to become the successor of OFDM in the context of future wireless and even wired communications systems. During the three days long event all Participants will be acquainted with the arcane of the new modulations formats, covering not only the theoretical analysis and discussion, but also the debate on the hardware implementation issues. The list of lectures, tutorials and labs is presented below :

Lecture 1 - "5G New Air Interface based on Non-Orthogonal Waveforms" by Dr. Gehard Wunder, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut in Berlin-Germany
Lecture 2 - "An overview of multicarrier modulations : From OFDM to its many variants" by Dr. Pierre Siohan, Orange-Labs, Rennes-France
Lecture 3 - "Fast-Convolution Based Flexible Multimode Communication Waveform Processing" by Prof. Markku Renfors, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere-Finland
Lecture 4 - "Filter bank techniques in communications : deployment issues and perspectives" by Prof. Maurice Bellanger, CNAM, FRANCE
Lecture 5 - "Effect of channel frequency selectivity on filterbank multicarrier modulations" by Dr. Xavier Mastre, CTTC, Barcelona, Spain
Lecture 6 - "Flexible multicarrier waveforms : implementation issues and baseband processing technologies" by Dr. Nikolaos Bartzoudis, CTTC, Barcelona-Spain
Lecture 7 - Test bed from Orange Labs , Rennes-France
Tutorial1 - "New modulation formats for future wireless systems" by Dr. Faouzi Bader, and Dr. Adrian Kliks, SUPELEC, France and Poznan University of Technology-Poland
Tutorial2 - "Single and multi-antenna receivers for FBMC transmission" by Dr. Jerome Louveaux, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.


Etudiant/Student (avant/before 25th Avril/April) : 110,00 €
Non étudiants/Non Student (avant/before 25th Avril/April) : 130,00 €
Etudiant/Student (après/after 25th April) : 130,00 €
Non étudiants/Non Student (Après le/After 25th Avril/April) 150,00 €
"VAT included"

For more information on how to proceed for the registration click on : [Registration]

For your convenience some of the key information information about the city of Rennes, accommodation, transportation, and Supélec location are copied and pasted below.
More detailed information can be found either in the attached flyer or in the website : NEWCOM-Summer School
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information or clarification related with this event.

With kind regards

Carlos Faouzi Bader & Adrian Kliks

Ecole Supérieur d’Electricité-Supélec
Avenue De La Boulaie CS 47601
F-35576 Cesson Sévigné
Rennes, France

By Train :
Rennes has well-developed national road, rail, and air links and a metro line that opened in 2002. The city’s train station offers high-speed train (TGV) service to and from Paris’s "Montparnasse" Rail Station. Once at Rennes rail station you can either take a taxi to SUPELEC (approximative rate is about 15€ to 22€ depending on the traffic jam), or you can take the Subway located in the proper rail station, direction "J.F. Kennedy" , and stop at "Place de la République". Then at "Place de la République" (Republic Square) take the bus "N° 4" or "N° 40 express" direction "Beaulieu Atalante" and stop at the last bus station " Clos Courtel" see the entrace of SUPELEC in attached.

By Plane : Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport or Aéroport de Rennes–Saint-Jacques is an airport about 6 km southwest of Rennes. It is a national and international airport, open to regular and irregular flights, and to both private and passenger plans. The main runway can handle air planes with up to around 180 passengers. You can take a taxi directly to SUPELEC or your Hotel destination.

By Car : Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport or (Aéroport de Rennes–Saint-Jacques) is an airport about 6 km south-west of Rennes. It is a national and international airport, open to regular and irregular flights, and to both private and passenger plans. The main runway can handle air-planes with up to around 180 passengers. You can take a taxi directly to SUPELEC or your Hotel destination.

About Rennes
Rennes, a city in north-western France, is the capital of the Brittany region as well as the Ille-et-Vilaine department. It has a long history due to its location at the confluence of the Ille and the Vilaine rivers. With about 220,000 inhabitants, Rennes has virtually the same population as its sister city, Rochester, NY. According to the 2010 census, Rennes is the third fastest-growing metropolitan area in France. The city’s residents are known as Rennais. There are many museums, fine art galleries, churches and cathedrals, historical buildings, parks, and shopping opportunities to please anyone who visits this beautiful city.

For more information about Rennes, visit :

Contact : Carlos Faouzi Bader.

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