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Conception and fabrication of organic electronc devices (energy harvesting coupled to elementary electronic circuits) by inkjet printing on all kind of substrates

Doctorant : Wenlin KUAI.

Directeur de thèse : Tayeb MOHAMMED-BRAHIM.

Thèse débutée le : 01/10/2013.

Inkjet printing is promising technique for fabrication of electronic devices on a very low cost and large area substrate like paper. The department has all skills in technological process and all equipment required to develop innovative organic circuits.

This research subject will focus on two key points :

  • The first part of this work will consist in optimizing inkjet printing parameters of organics materials (substrates facing ink) must be understood to optimize the geometrical patterns of the devices.
  • Depending on the first point, optimized design circuits will be developed in order to achieve elementary organic based electronic circuits like CMOS inverters, ring oscillators, logic gates. We will particularly focus on harvesting energy in order to achieve self-powered microsystems.

Keywords : Inkjet printing, organic electronics, low cost technology.

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