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Generator of Discrete Chaotic Sequences with almost Infinite Orbits. Applications : Cryptosystems, steganography, digital watermarking, keys generation.

We designed and implemented in C language a discrete generator for chaotic sequences with almost infinite orbits. With such sequences, we can pratically cipher 1032 color images of size 3 X 1024 X 1024 pixels. The generator architecture is patented “Generator of chaotic Sequences and corresponding generating system” : France : FR-2958057 ; Europe : EP-2553567 ; China : CN-103124955 ; Japan : JP-2013524271 ; United States : US-20130170641

The applications of such generator are numerous in the field of information hiding and security : Chaos-based crypto-systems, stegenography, digital watermarking, keys generation and any domains requiring pseudo-random numbers.

More details are given on this web page.

Contact :

Safwan El Assad

Acknowledgment :

This work is carried out with the ProtoGenSeq framework supported by the Région des Pays de la Loire, BPI France and SATT Ouest Valorisation.

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