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Online management of real-time embedded systems

Doctorant : Tian XIA.

Directeurs de thèse : Fabienne NOUVEL, Jean-Christophe PREVOTET.

Thèse débutée le : 01/09/2012.

In this thesis, we propose to develop and implement original mechanisms destined to manage a heterogenous multiprocessor embedded system in real-time. These mechanisms are foreseen to be added to an existing kernel that will dynamically manage the distribution of computations among the processors during run-time.

This new kernel service will constitute an intelligent control processing based on the on-line analysis of the platform parameters (resource usage, consumption, etc.) as well as the application’s constraints (real-time execution, etc.)

It will not only deal with the distribution of software tasks among the available software cores but also with the management of the hardware accelerators. The role of the service will consists in :

  • Collecting information from the environment
  • Taking a decision regarding the state of the platform and the execution constraints
  • Manage the tasks’ placement (software and hardware)

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