WAVES (Electromagnetics waves in complex media)

The research activities of our research team are focused on interactions of electromagnetic waves with complex media in various contexts

Research activities

The two main research directions of WAVES are:

(1) Biomedical electromagnetics: innovative biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields and associated technologies

  • Multi-scale human body modeling
  • Coupled multi-physics problems
  • Novel methods and concepts for bioelectromagnetics
  • Wireless sensors for medical applications
  • Exposure reduction techniques
  • Body-centric wireless networks
  • Wireless power transfer for bioelectromagnetics
  • Bio-inspired electromagnetic systems and technologies

(2) Electromagnetic compatibility: advanced numerical and experimental tools for electromagnetic compatibility testing

  • Reverberating chambers (fundamental properties, validation and optimization of performances)
  • Novel applications of reverberating chambers (electromagnetic compatibility, antennas, radars, bioelectromagnetics)
  • Statistical approach in electromagnetic compatibility modeling


Experimental plateforms

Our research activities resulted in development of several unique experimental tools integrated into BioEM and EMC technological / metrological platforms of the IETR (multi-physics dosimetry, reverberating chambers, GTEM cells, near-field bases, RCS chamber).