SYSCOM (SYStems, COMmunication) Team

The SYSCOM team leads researches in the joint field of digital communications and embedded systems through a wide spectrum of approaches allowing for a global vision and understanding of digital systems for the transmission of information.
Synoptique des thèmes de recherche de l'équipe


Signal processing, digital communications, embedded communicating architectures, spectral and power efficiency, reliability and security, connected reconfigurable systems, heterogeneous and hybrid systems and networks

The SYSCOM Team in a nutshell

The SYSCOM Team relies on strong and wide skills going from electronic circuits up to signal processing and algorithms dedicated to communicating systems. This large spectrum of knowledge allows for addressing numerous scientific problems in the domain of communicating systems, with a end-to-end vision, from theoretical models to algorithm proposals targeting software and hardware implementations.

The team is strongly recognized for its expertise on physical layer aspects,  with a capability of also including upper layers mechanisms. Many of the studies are lead in the perspective of building up proof of concept prototypes.

Two major research axes are followed by the team : signal processing for digital communications on one hand, and communicating embedded systems on the other hand.





Syscom team diagram