SCEE (Signal, Communications and Embedded Electronics) Team

General presentation

SCEE (Signal, Communications and Embedded Electronics) is a research team of the IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes - UMR CNRS 6164), of the Signal and Communications Department, splitted between the Rennes Campus of CentraleSupélec (the vast majority of the team) and the University of Rennes 1 (Christophe MOY). Created in 2004, the SCEE team studies future telecommunications systems (5G, Beyond 5G, IoT, M2M, ...) based on the 3 concepts of Software Radio, Smart Radio and Green Radio. These themes are divided into two research axes:

1) Digital communications and signal processing

- Spectral and energy efficiency of waveforms (post-OFDM waveforms, millimeter communications, dynamic spectrum access, crest factor)

- Signal processing and decision making for the cognitive cycle (optimization, decision theory, reinforcement learning, compress sensing, non-uniform sampling)

2) Embedded systems

- HW / SW security (hardware / software protection, SDR certification, reliability of reconfigurable systems)
- Management of embedded systems: prototyping, partial reconfiguration, hierarchical and distributed intelligence management, energy efficiency)

Main international academic relations

- Zhejiang University (Chine) (accord cadre de co-tutelle de thèses)
- Macquarie Univ. of Sydney ( accord cadre de co-tutelle de thèses)
- University of Technology Sydney (accord cadre de co-tutelle de thèses)
- Université de Patras (Grèce)
- Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
- IIIT Delhi (Inde) (MoU)
- Université de Liège (Belgique)
- Université Libanaise de Beyrouth (Liban)
- Poznan University of Technology (PUT) (Pologne)


SCEE Testbed

The SCEE team has a testbed made up of USRP modules for software radio. This testbed is used by the team for the implementation of new radio waveforms, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms (reinforcement learning in particular), for cognitive radio. Today, it is made up of fifteen modules and is mainly used for developments for connected objects.

SCEE Testbed pictures

SCEE Team picture in 2018

Equipe SCEE en 2018

Equipe SCEE