RCS Chamber

This technical platform allows the measurement of RCS in X band (between 8.2 GHz and 12.4 GHz) and according to two vertical and horizontal polarization channels (full polar measurements).
It allows determination of X-band RCS (power measurement), determination of diffraction matrix (polarimetric signature), obtaining of radar images (impulse response and holography method) in 1D and 2D.
The exploitation of this base made it possible, among other things, to carry out measurements of backscatter devices for publication of results (1 patent and 1 international journal), target measurements in the context of contracts, target measurements in the context responses to calls for tenders of ANR type.

Technical description


This technical platform includes a transmission / reception unit consisting of a vector network analyzer and a target positioning system. The whole is integrated within an anechoic chamber.

Technical characteristics :

  • anechoic chamber : 7 m x 4.3 m x 3.5 m (height) ;
  • motorized positioning column : polystyrene (permittivity close to 1) ;
  • vector network analyzer : HP 8510B & R&S  ZVB14 ;
  • 4 horns antennas : H and V polarization on transmission, H and V polarization on reception ;
  • calculator : PC on which the measurement signals are acquired and processed.

Scientific results


  • Backscaterring measures which enabled national patent to be filed with international extansion. A review article was also published. These results gave birth to the current project as well as an ANR Cyclope project repository (2014-2019) ;
  • Drones mesurements which made it possible to carry out collaborations and research contracts ;
  • Radar characteristic measurements (deviation measurement).