MATRIX (Multifonctional Materials For Communication Devices) Platform

Scientific and technological means, including basic research up to simple demonstrator devices of a TRL level 3 to 4, for developing, characterizing and integrating multifunctional materials for electronic and microwave applications, smart sensors, as well as energy recovery and storage.
Managed by its FunMAT team, MATRIX is an IETR research support platform on materials with innovative properties as part of its collaborative projects with academic and private research partners. Within the limit of its capacity, the platform also offers external services.

Development of multifunctional materials

45m² Class 10000 Clean Room in Nantes

45 m² Class 10,000 Clean Room with Class 100 laminar flow worktops

ce que l'on veut

ce que l'on veut

Synthesis of functional thin films by chemical means in a clean room
  • Ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics: PbZrTiO3, BaTiO3, SrTiO3, BaSrTiO3
  • Conducting oxides: RuO2, SrRuO3
  • Electron acceptor doping
Deposition of functional thin layers by RF sputtering and soft-landing
  • Dielectric perovskits AB03 and ABO2N with A = Ba, Sr, La and B= Ta, Ti
  • Hybrids: ITO/metal/ITO
  • Surface functionalization by Soft-Landing
Electrode realization
  • Metals: Al, Ag, Au, Cu, Ti, Pt
  • Transparent semi-conductor: ITO
  • Copper electrodeposition
Polymer films
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Spin-coating (thickness: 1 to 15 µm)
  • Doctor blading (thickness: 15 to 200 µm)
  • Hydraulic press with "thin film" kit (diameter: 13 and 25 mm, thickness: 15 to 500 µm)
Composite materials
  • Nano & micro charged resins and foams
  • Monolithic structures and sandwiches
  • 1D, 2D, 3D geometries
  • ... to be completed
Solid and powdery materials
  • RF sputtering targets: Sr2Ti2O7, SrTaO2N
  • ... to be completed

Characterization techniques

to be done

to be done

to be done

Physico-chemical characterizations 
  • Structural (X-ray diffraction 4 and 5 circle)
  • Microstructural (SEM, optical microscopy, density, specific surface)
  • Chemical (EDS microprobe)
  • Thermal (ATG, ATD, DSC, DMA)
  • Mechanical (bending, traction, compression, microhardness, viscosity)
  • Optical (UV / Visible spectrophotometry, IRTF, Multimodal Raman)
Dielectric characterizations
  • Complex permittivity (ε and tand) up to 40 GHz
  • Hysteresis cycle
  • Tunability up to 40 GHz
  • Microprobe station measurements
  • Temperature measurements between -150°C and +350°C
  • Free space measurements
  • Guided mode measurements
Electric measurements
  • 4 point measurement
  • Van der Pauw
  • Hall effect
  • Signal emitted by an RFID tag
Spectrometric characterizations
  • Characterization of molecular precursors of functional materials (ESI-HRMS and ESI-HRMS-MS)
  • Themochemical properties of materials by Cold-Spray Ionization-HRMS and energy conversion effect modeling  (theory and experiments)
  • Chemical emissions from building materials by DART-MS and TD-GC-MS

Integration technologies

Structuring by micro laser etching (KrF 248 nm)

Thin film structuring 
  • Localized laser microetching
    KrF (248 nm) & XeCl (308 nm) excimer lasers with micrometric displacement workstation (resolution 10 µm on 100 x 100 mm2, precision 2 µm)
  • Lift-on and lift-off photolithography
    2 Karl SUSS MJB3 aligners (resolution 5 µm on Ø = 75 mm2)
  • Chemical etching of complex oxides
    e.g. BaSrTiO3, PbZrTiO3, micrometric precision
  • Microprinting of polymers in solution
  • Production of PDMS molds and printing of electro-optical polymers (resolution 5 µm on 75 x 75 mm2)
Machining of composite materials
  • ...
  • ...
Installation of electronic components
  • Diamond saw cutting of substrates (Si, Al2O3, LiNbO3 ...) (Ø <4’’, precision = 10 µm)
  • Pick & place system for positioning surface-mounted devices (SMD)

Realization examples

Planar Inverted F-Antenna (PIFA) with integrated ferroelectric tunable SMD capacity

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