Hyperspectral Imaging Technical Platform

The hyperspectral imaging technical platform is designed to support both academic research and transfer activities. It provides airborne remote sensing solutions tailored to the needs of end-users. This technical platform is used to produce orthorectified images calibrated in reflectance and/or radiance over the European territory. Sensor coupling is also possible to provide multimodal acquisition in a single flight and coregistered data of the best quality.

Our Equipment

AISA Eagle 1K

AISA Eagle airborne hyperspectral imaging system

The hyperspectral sensor AISA Eagle 1K developped by SPECIM is a digital spectrograph imager working in the VNIR spectral range. Paired with a high precision 6 axis GPS/INS, the system is able to produce high resolution orthoimages in both spatial and spectral domains.

Technical specifications :
Spectral range : [400nm - 970nm]
Maximum spatial resolution : 35cm
Spectral resolution : 3nm
Nbr of spectral bands : up to 244
Field of view: 37.7°

FieldSpec Pro

FieldSpec Pro portable spectroradiometer

This portable equipment is designed to perform spectral reflectance and radiance measurements in the visible and near infrared range (VNIR). It is made available to our partners for ground truthing activities.

This device is used to optimize aerial acquisitions : center wavelength, width and required number of spectral bands.

Technical specifications :
Spectral range : [350nm - 1050nm]
Field of view : 1°, 10° or 20°
Sectral resolution : 1nm at 700nm

Spectral calibration target

Spectral calibration target

Made out of a specific material choosen for its uniform reflectance over the VNIR range, this calibration target is used to link the image content with known spectral signatures.

Technical Specifications :
Area : 2 x 18m²
Black material reflectance : 0.9 +/-0.02
White material reflectance : 0.05 +/-0.01

Navigation aid software

Navigation aid software

This navigation aid software is design to optimize photographic survey work. It is used for both airborne and on ground operations through the following functions :

- production of optimized flight plan
- suggestion of wind dependent turns
- trajectory tracking
- real time scan coverage control
- shutter triggering
- flight dynamics monitoring

Typical applications

The high density of information specific to hyperspectral imagery is the key to a large number of applications:

  • Detection of invasive species / weed
  • Assessment of species diversity
  • Early detection of deseases
  • Harvest estimation / tracking over time
  • Soil characterisation and inventory
  • Mapping of nitrogen and water stress in plants
  • Assessment of water quality

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