HDR defense of Stanislav Aranovskiy

Title of the HDR : Parameter Estimation with Enhanced Performance"

Abstract : Stanislav ARANOVSKIY got his Ph.D. degree in Systems Analysis and Control from the ITMO University (Russia) in 2009. He accomplished two postdoctoral studies: at Umea University (Sweden) and Inria Lille (France). In 2016, he received the Dr.Sc. degree in Automatic Control from the ITMO University(Russia). Since 2017, he is a Maître de Conférences at CentraleSupélec, campus Rennes.

He is an IEEE Senior Member and a member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Adaptive and Learning Systems and the IEEE Technical Committee on System Identification and Adaptive Control. The research interests are adaptive parameter estimation, disturbance attenuation, nonlinear systems, and state estimation.

This defense presents his scientific background overview and the main research direction in recent years: a method to improve transient performance in adaptive parameter estimation. The proposed Dynamic Regressor Extension and Mixing procedure enhances existing parameter estimation methods and provides benefits: parameter estimation transients are monotonic without peaking and oscillations, the gain adjustment becomes transparent and straightforward, and asymptotic convergence can be established without persistency of excitation for a class of input signals.
HDR defense


Pour le présentiel merci de bien vouloir contacter en avance l’assistante du Laboratoire à l’adresse mail : myriam [dot] andrieuxatcentralesupelec [dot] fr

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