eWAVES (Electromagnetic waves in complex media) Team

eWAVES research team brings together multi-disciplinary scientific expertise and know-how of the IETR in the field of interactions of electromagnetic waves with complex media in various contexts

Research activities

The three main research topics of eWAVES are the following.

1) Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Statistical approaches for EMC (reverberation chambers, advanced learning strategies and associated EMC risk analysis, multi-scale analysis [components, equipment, systems])
  • Electromagnetic cybersecurity (original eavesdropping and electromagnetic attack strategies, vulnerability tests and countermeasures)

2) Diffusion and control of wave propagation

  • Wave control in scattering media (scattering singularities, wavefront shaping, diffuse field correlations, computational imaging)
  • Intelligent wave systems
  • Electromagnetic scattering using fast numerical methods (space-time modelling of scattering from sea surfaces, non-destructive testing of roadways and civil engineering works)

3) Biomedical electromagnetics

  • Modeling of bioelectromagnetic interactions (multi-scale modeling of the human body, coupled multi-physics problems, new methods and concepts for bioelectromagnetics, innovative exposure reduction techniques, wireless human-centered networks, bio-inspired electromagnetic systems)
  • Autonomous communicating implants (communicating implants, miniature antennas, bioelectronics, wireless neural interfaces, electroceuticals, power transmission through the body)


Experimental plateforms

Our research activities contribute to development of advanced instrumentation and systems integrated into technological / metrological platforms of the IETR (reverberating chambers, GTEM cells, near-field bases, RCS chamber, multi-physics dosimetry).