Electronic Prototyping

PE2M aims to develop electronix systems. This includes full system prototyping, from specifications to the validations tests. Development steps includes boards routing, electronic components programming, and system integration.

FPGA development

FPGA board programming

FPGA board programming for real time systems

Through radar system controller development, or for real time calculation, PE2M members acquired experience in FPGA development. FPGA programming has mainly been done on evaluation boards from provider such as Altera or Xilinx, and from academic boards, to RFSoc boards.


Electronic board development

Software development is carried out on different languages like C, C++ or Python. These development are used for electronic boards control, or systems automation

Microcontroller programming

Simple electronic signals generation using Arduino

More complex signals could be acquired using STM32 board.

Programming languages

All these developments are based on different IDE and languages. Among them, we could quote C, C++, Python, LabView and Qt Creator