CACENDRA (Characterization in Centimetric Bands of Radiating Systems)

CACENDRA facility is dedicated on the radiation characterization of radiating systems in the centimeter wave ranges.

Antenna characterization from 0.8 up to 26.5GHz.

CACENDRA is dedicated for radiating system characterization in the centimeter wave ranges. The main goal is enable characterization of antennas up to 3m diameter and a maximum weight of 300kg, from 800 MHZ up to 26.5GHz.

CACENDRA Porte Monumentales

CACENDRA is based on an anechoic chamber measuring 6m x 6m x 15m overall, a spherical positioning system and a large vertical scanner. These systems allows spherical measurement in the far field or near field, as well as planar or cylindrical near field measurements. The pre- and post-processing used are developed in-house, thus allowing mastery and adaptability of these tools to the needs of IETR research teams, and academic or private partners.

CACENDRA positioning systems were produced and installed by Cegelec Défense Mechatronic Systems, the supply and installation of the EM absorbers by Cegelec Défense SIEPEL.

CACENDRA Mise en place de l'antenne sous test